Women’s Leadership Seminar

Once a year, Leadership Inc Institute will hold a full-day seminar for women by women.  Send your female leadership to be educated and uplifted by incredible women who share their unique perspective of being a woman in the world of business.  Come and mingle with other women to be enriched and renewed from the highest quality female speakers & leaders.

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Dr. Audrey Nelson

A Woman`s Guide to Leadership

Communication, Credibility and Power

Women are steadily increasing their ranks in management and professional fields, yet they still face a variety of challenges. This program identifies the steps successful women take to navigate advancement to leadership. Practical advice, techniques and strategies for getting a seat at the table, communicating with credibility, and finding her voice will be offered. Real-life case studies, self-assessments, experiential exercises and action steps that help women transcend barriers and enhance their chances of leadership are the focus.