Written by: Mark Eaton

During my time with the Jazz, I was frequently selected to be our team captain. This selection entailed greeting the referees before each game and being the main point of contact with them during the game. The team counted on me to remain calm during controversial calls or other issues that arose. I was the one referees could talk to when the coach got upset in the heat of the battle. The referees regularly thanked me for being that guy.

Recently, I spoke to the largest auto parts retailer on the East Coast. During our sales seminar we discussed the correlation of team captain and face of the business team. Who is the point person who spends the most time with the customers? Their largest accounts were not walk in customers who came into the stores but rather large repair shops who called in orders for parts. And while phone etiquette was important for these transactions, it was actually the delivery driver who delivered the parts, who was the face of their business. It also happened to be the lowest paid position in the company. That realization was an “aha” moment for many of the regional managers attending the meeting. Their brand was only as good as the professionalism of that driver.
As we discussed this, it became clear that there was very little training or incentive provided to these drivers for performance or professionalism. Senior management jumped on this newly uncovered gem and a new program was launched right there in our seminar.

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