Sydne Jacques

Bridging the Gaps

Creating organizational strengths by bridging gaps of communication, engagement and generations

Sydne will help you learn how to live “LARGE” by improving your communication through better: L-Listening, A-Asking Questions, R-Learning to Respond appropriately, G – Consider the Generations, and E – Manage the Emotions. Sydne will share important strategies she has implemented as she has successfully grown her firm and her client base. Her interactive style will help you be engaged as you plan ways to increase productivity and engagement, bridge the generation gaps and learn ways that you can better serve by learning to be “100% Present”.


Sydne has a unique set of skills – she is a professional engineer with an engaging personality, a successful entrepreneur and an expert with strengths and certifications in communication and facilitation.

After several years of working as a civil engineer, Sydne Jacques decided to go out on her own and founded Jacques & Associates. By applying the business principles that she teaches audiences today, she has built a multi-million dollar, award-winning engineering firm.

In addition to serving as CEO of Jacques and Associates, Sydne has founded two non-profit organizations, created a leadership program for 6th graders that is used in many Utah schools, is a Senior Facilitator with the International Partnering Institute and currently sits on the National Advisory Board for the College of Engineering at Brigham Young University.

Sydne’s audiences find her insights into creating positive cultures practical, proven and powerful. When she’s not speaking, or in the kitchen baking those famous chocolate chip cookies she loves to spend time on the basketball court.