Dr. Mike “Woody” Woodward

From Player to Coach

Making the Successful Transition to Management

The transition from star player to team coach is a tremendous leap. All too often new managers are thrown into challenging circumstances with limited support and resources. With increasing globalization and the move to virtual environments, managing is more complex than ever before. As an organizational psychologist, Dr. Woodward believes that effective management is rooted in understanding the psychology of human nature. During this session Dr. Woodward will facilitate self-insight and provide simple techniques for effectively managing in this ever changing business environment. Dr. Woodward will focus on developing self-insight, building trust, having tough conversations, and learning the art of influence. The session will blend interactive lectures, individual exercises, and group discussions. The session will culminate with each participant making commitments to turning their learning into action.


Dr. Woody started his career as a human resources consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and then became a project manager with IBM Global Business Services in Washington DC before turning down an executive track to go back to school to pursue a PhD in the subject he loves, psychology. In 2005 Dr. Woody founded the consulting firm Human Capital Integrated (HCI) to focus on helping new managers and seasoned executives find their sweet spot and develop as leaders. Since launching HCI he has worked with such clients as Bacardi, SAP, Grey Goose Vodka, Century 21 Real Estate, VMware, The Miami Herald, and Ernst & Young.

Dr. Woody currently serves on the board and as a faculty member at the Florida International University Center for Leadership in Miami where he works with high potential talent and hard-charging C-suite executives. Dr. Woody is also on faculty with the Institute for Management Studies where he travels the country training budding new managers from major companies including BOSE, McDonald’s, Verizon, Liberty Mutual, and NASA.