Dr. Kittie Watson

Listen Up!

How to Increase Productivity, Build Engagement and Avoid Misunderstandings

This program will focus on one of the most critical skills for managers and executives, listening. While the most admired managers are good listeners, others take short cuts when it comes to listening — fake attention, make assumptions, rehearse responses, fade in and out of conversations, and fail to retain pertinent information. Effective leaders understand the power of listening strategically to build key relationships and influence others. In this workshop, diagnose your own listening skills and practical listening techniques for becoming an authentic leader. Participants learn the secret to better listening, how to reduce the costs of poor listening, use inquiry to your advantage, gain attention and when NOT to listen.


Kittie is the President and founder of Innolect, and has a passion for “Growing the Leader in Everyone.” With a deep appreciation for the challenges faced by executives in high-stakes settings, she focuses on mission-critical business needs. Her expertise in transformational change, strategic communication, talent development, executive assessment and coaching is valued by Fortune 500 and diverse companies such as Bayer, Entergy, Cricket, Pfizer, Zoetis, Carolina’s Healthcare, Compass and Southern Company.
As one of the first and youngest female chairpersons at Tulane University, Kittie is among the top 25 most prolific women writers in communication. She has authored or co-authored 15 books, numerous articles, and been featured on ABC’s 20/20. When not supporting clients, Kittie is an advocate for social justice issues, visualizes a universe of possibilities through watercolor paintings and kayaks/hikes to relax.