Bill Hawkins

Bring Out Your Best

Maximizing Team Effort, Productivity and Engagement

As a leader in your organization, you likely have some members on your team who are highly motivated. Others do the minimum but could do much more. You may have a few who are burned out on the job and maybe even problem employees. This session will provide tools, introduce techniques, and discuss strategies to help you bring out the best effort in everyone.

Participants will discover how to maximize the return-on-investment for the time you spend coaching your people, learn how to build development into the job and acquire tools to motivate and engage every member of the team, from the high performers to the `B` and `C` players.


Tools and Techniques for the Five Most Predictable Coaching Situations
Mr. Hawkins will provide tools, introduce techniques, and discuss strategies to help you take performance to the next level. In this workshop participants will examine the latest techniques in coaching designed to improve performance, change behavior, increase engagement, support development, and build teamwork.


Bill Hawkins is an expert in leadership development and executive coaching. As a founding member of the Marshall Goldsmith Group, he has worked with more than 20 Fortune 500 Companies in 17 countries on five continents. He also coaches leaders individually to increase personal effectiveness.

Bill began his career with a division of Johnson & Johnson. He later joined Boston Scientific as Director, then Vice President of Sales and Marketing. With his blend of consulting and management experience, Bill brings a breadth of understanding and insight to “real world” situations.