The Leadership Formula for Success

Brian Tracy said that the formula for success is Ambition + Empathy. Real leaders speak in what often seem to be contradictory voices. I like to think of it as a balance. Leadership is an art and it requires balance. Ambition reflects a leader’s desire for results. It shows up as direction, organization, vision, and control. Ambition pushes leaders to take action and inspire others to get the job done. The negative connotation attached to ambition is that the ambitious Read More

Bring Your Whole Self to Work

Written by Mike Robbins I recently gave a TEDx talk in which I reflected on what I’ve seen and learned over the past fifteen years – researching, writing, and speaking about essential human experiences in the workplace.  As I addressed in this talk, I believe that for us to thrive professionally, especially in today’s world, we must be willing bring our whole selves to the work that we do.  And, for the groups, teams, and organizations that we’re a part Read More

A Sobering Thought for Leaders

Written by Ty Bennett Yesterday I spoke to 100 Power Plant Managers in Minnesota. We had an engaging conversation around leadership and influence and how to gain the commitment of our people. After my speech one of the leaders shared a lesson he always tries to keep top of mind. Years ago when he was first promoted to manager, his boss pulled him aside and said, “Now that you are someone’s boss, I want you to always remember that the Read More