Are You A Leader Who Enables or Empowers?

by: Ty Bennett I believe the most important leadership role anyone has in this life is that of a parent. As a parent my ultimate goal is to raise productive, self-sufficient adults, who go on to achieve and contribute more to the world than I do. If you think about it, shouldn’t that be the goal of every business leader as well? Ralph Nader said, “The function of leaders is to produce other leaders not just other followers.” And that Read More

Authentic Leadership – What’s In It For You

Written by: Dan Mulhern For original post click here Thank you to the nearly 300 people who responded to my survey about authentic leadership. Your great input fuels today’s column.   So, why focus on “authentic” leadership? Why not start-up leadership, courageous leadership, improvisational, trustworthy, heroic, servant or — well, pick your favorite adjective . . . dancing leadership, defiant, athletic, flourishing…Why authentic?   Two reasons. First, it’s about growth. We can all work to be more or less “authentic.” Read More

The Best Compliment You Can Get as a Leader

by: Dr. Marcia Reynolds He knows me. She gets me. He cares. She’s real. These comments represent the best compliment leaders, or anyone, can get. They demonstrate why people choose to trust you. With trust, they are more motivated to do well on team goals in addition to their own aspirations. The best way to earn these compliments is to demonstrate your “humanness” by admitting to your mistakes and sharing stories about when you learned life’s hard lessons. No one Read More

Learn to Communicate Assertively

by Ty Bennett Correct communication is key to success in any type of leadership.  But often, we run into individuals who miss the mark.   A passive communicator doesn’t speak up!  They don’t allow their voice to be heard and are often overlooked.  They leave the conversation with the mindset “You’re ok, I’m not.”   An aggressive communicator will dominate communication, using body language, loud speech and intimidation to steer a conversation to suit their needs. They leave the conversation Read More

Don’t Be Selfish, It’s About The Team

by Mark Eaton BE THERE FOR YOUR TEAM In an unprecedented move last month, the NBA Players Association announced it was funding a program to provide health care coverage for all retired players with at least three years of service. In the world of professional sports, this is an historic event to say the least. And frankly, it is a stark contrast to the popularly held belief that ALL pro athletes are self-centered and self-serving. Even retired athletes can fall Read More